Special Links/ Local Organizations

We are working together to make the Garden Mural Project a Success!

Check out these great communities, businesses, & organizations that are getting involved:

Hidden Treasures Thrift Store http://www.hiddentreasuresonline.org/

Jeffers Foundation http://www.jeffersfoundation.org/                                   Outdoor Activities for Families http://www.jeffersfoundation.org/families-outdoors.php

Gardening Matters http://www.gardeningmatters.org/

Bushel Boy http://bushelboy.com/

Uptown Art Fair http://uptownartfair.com/

Bryant Square Park http://www.minneapolisparks.org/default.asp?PageID=4&parkid=173

Seward Community Coop http://seward.coop/

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board http://www.minneapolisparks.org/home.asp

Regla De Oro Gallery http://regladeoro.com/

The Color Wheel Gallery http://www.colorwheelgallery.com/

CARAG Neighborhood Association http://carag.org/

Aldrich Church http://aldrichchurch.org/site/


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